The Inevitability of The (Colonial) Matrix (of Power)

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Yesterday, I came across the following work in a charity shop. It’s authored by white male futurist Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired magazine, a former editor/publisher of the Whole Earth Review and, crucuailly, a born-again Christian.


Kelly identifies the aforementioned 12 technogical forces as Becoming, Cognifying, Flowing, Screening, Accessing, Sharing, Filtering, Remixing, Interacting, Tracking, Questioning, and then Beginning. He also insists that “these forces are trajectories, not destinies. They offer no predictions of where we end up. They tell us simply that in the near future we are headed inevitably in these directions.”

Check out the following extracts from the final chapter entitled Beginning: Continue reading


TALK: The Muslim in The Matrix

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Al Jamia Al Islamia Talk.JPG

NB: The title of this talk was incorrectly given as ‘Islam between Exclusion and Inclusion’ in the above advertisement.

Interested listeners are invited to download a copy of this talk (MP3 format) from here.


VIDEO: Plato’s Allegory of The Cave

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Check out the following animated presentation of Plato’s famous allegory of the cave on YouTube:

Interested viewers are also invited to check out the documentary Roots of The Matrix. This is the description of the documentary provided on the site:

This video separates The Matrix trilogy and explains all the beliefs structures, religious beliefs, philosophies, etc that are woven into The Matrix movies. It uses the writers’ and directors’ own movie to show their alternate agenda. One example of how closely the movie is really based on religious beliefs is that the license plates on the cars during the highway chase sceen are actually Bible books and verses that parallel what is happening in the movie. And this video clearly shows it would take much longer to fully explain the depth of which the writers wove the stories, than it did for them to write it.

From a Counter-Racist perspective, it is interesting to note that every scientist and philosopher featured in the documentary is a white person.


The (Great White) Architect of The Matrix (Universe)

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

The #Great White# Architect of The Universe

Check out the following scene from The Matrix: Reloaded in which the protagonist, Neo, meets The Architect:

Now read the Counter-Racist Movie Review of this scene written by Edward Williams. (Other counter-Racist reviews of The Matrix Trilogy are available here.)

What is missing from this review is discussion of the periodic ‘rebooting’ of The Matrix which, from a counter-Racist perspective, is a codified reference to the successive phases of the globally operating system of White Supremacy (Racism). (This can be understood in terms of “passing the baton”, The Chamaeloen Effect etc.)

Incidentally, the invocation of the Masonic idea of “The Great Architect of The Universe” is most revealing.


AUDIO: The White Pill and The Non-White Pill

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

The White Pill and The Non-White Pill #Album Cover#

I recently discovered this “from the vaults” and/or “lost in time” album produced by a self-styled VoR (Victim of Racism/White Supremacy) and thought I should share it with readers/listeners of this blog.

Download a copy from here.