BOOK: Sultan vs Dracula

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance

The following work by non-white (attempted) Muslim writer, artists and poet Razwan Ul-Haq arrived in the post this morning:

Sultan vs Dracula

The book, which is 400+ pages long, can be purchased direct from the author for £7.99 (+ postage and packing) from here. The author also has a blog on Islamic sci-fi.

Here’s an advert for this interesting Islamic Counter-Racist, decolonial and ‘post-Orientalist’ re-imagining of the Dracula story as appears on youTube:

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Islamic Counter-Racist Thought Food #45

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Consider this:

Muslims in general do not understand properly their own religion because they do not see the nonduality that is so clearly woven into it as an essential part of its fabric. By not understanding their own religion, and thinking it is essentially the same as Christianity and Judaism in terms of the status of its duality, then they are not making a crucial distinction with regard to Islam. And if they do not understand their own religion how are they going to understand other religions? For instance, in Islamic Theology the standard answer based on Greek precursors is that Allah is the Necessary Existent (wujud). All that has been done is substitute Existence for Being in this formulation. But wujud which means ‘to find’ is the nature of Allah’s creation, and making Allah necessary and an existent makes no sense at all. Allah is the creator not the creation, and this formulation is manifestly shirk [i.e. association of an other with Allah], and saying that Allah is necessary is also an affront because Allah determines what is necessary, possible, actual, and probable, and cannot be bound by these concepts. Whatever Allah’s own status [maqam], which we should place beyond our comprehension, ultimately it cannot be that of Necessary Existent. Rather we must comprehend Allah as the Sufis do through the recognition of the Tajalliat of the Sifat [i.e. manifestation of the Divine Names/Attributes] and the incomprehensibility of the Dhat, “He” [emphases added].

Extract taken from “Sufic Philosophy: A New Beginning…” (2014) by Kent Palmer.


Islamic Counter-Racist Thought Food #40

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Consider this:

Do not travel from created being to created being.

Otherwise you will be like the donkey at the mill-stone:

That from which he travels is that to which he travels.

Rather travel from created beings to the Maker of being:

‘And the final end is to your Lord.’

From Kitab al-Hikam (The Book of Aphorisms) by Ibn ‘Ata illah al-Iskandari.

I consider this aphorism as wise counsel to those embarking on a commitment to Islamic Decoloniality and/or Islamic Counter-Racism vis-a-vis the pursuit of Justice.


The Meaning of La ilaaha illa Allah

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Consider this:

La ilaaha illa Allah.jpg

(From the Glossary provided by Ian Dallas / Shaykh ‘Abd-al Qadir as-Sufi to Sidi ‘Ali al-Jamal of Fez’ The Meaning of Man (2005).)

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Islamic Counter-Racist Thought Food #37

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Consider the following two comments from Eric Winkel which were made during the course of an interview:

We have three autographed manuscripts of the shaykh al-akbar today, eight centuries later. In my wide study in two dozen languages and sacred traditions I have never seen anything like the Futuhat al-Makkiyah. Everything I “verify for myself” (as he says) and learn about gender, about racism, about native peoples and fiṭrah, about colonialism and the tribes of Europe, about death-loving cultures, about centrifugal and centripetal societies, about fractals and geometrical algebra, about gut bacteria, I find already there in Ibn al-ʿArabī.

Intelligence and intellect are confused; intelligence is what the Creator gave us and intellect is the binding (from the camel’s hobble, ʿiqal) that makes one comfortable. Intellect tries to bind the infinite, tries to say this is god but not that; intelligence says there is no god but God, and God is 1. This intelligence rejects the god of State, rejects the god of religion, and rejects the god of aggression. This intelligence tells us that we are created by love and are free to love, and that fear and shame and hope are schemes devised to enslave and ensnare us.

Extract taken from A conversation with Dr. Eric Winkel on the Prophet Mohammed’s marriage, Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi and Michel Foucault by Fatih Seyhanoglu.

In order for the intelligence to function, one must first bind the intellect such that it operates submissively within the boundaries set by The One.


VIDEO: The (Limited) Relevance of Al-Ghazali in The Contemporary Era (of White Supremacy)

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

As readers of this blog might be aware, in the past I have been critical – or rather,suspicious – of a number of high-profile white people who profess to be Muslim. (In this connection, I would refer readers to the following blog posts: Why Every White Muslim Must Be a Race Traitor, PROJECT: Identifying the Muslim Race Traitors (if any), COMMENT: “Pint of Guinness Islam”, White Muslims Who Sit, and White Muslims Who Struggle and VIDEO: Re-Whitening Islamic Reform.)

From a Counter-Racist perspective, I would argue that such suspicion is both NECESSARY and JUSTIFIED since every White Supremacist (Racist) is a white person although NOT every white person is a White Supremacist (Racist). However, TREATING every white person as a “Suspect Racist” does NOT entail MISTREATING any such person since this would be both unjust and incorrect, and Counter-Racism is committed to RWSWJ, i.e. Replacing White Supremacy With JUSTICE. From an Islamic Counter-Racist perspective, I have previously argued that this position is justified on grounds of taqwa [=self-preservation through remaining within the bounds set by God/Allah] and an analysis of the issue of suspicion as presented in The Qur’an. (In this connection, see Yvonne Ridley: A Jane Brown?)

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf is one such white person who professes to be Muslim.

Nonetheless, check out the following talk he gave at a dinner in 2011 which, IMHO, makes for constructive listening and viewing:

As to the subject matter of the talk, the relevance of the thought of Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali in the contemporary era, I should like to point interested readers to Chapters 3 and 4 of Revival and Reform in Islam: A Study of Islamic Fundamentalism(Oxford: One World, 2000) by the late Fazlur Rahman for a respectful, yet ultimately critical view.