Islamic Counter-Racist Thought Food #62

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Consider this:

The habit of thought which defines the world, or society, as a totalizing system … tends to lead almost inevitably to a view of revolutions as cataclysmic ruptures. Since, after all, how else could one totalizing system be replaced by a completely different one than by a cataclysmic rupture? Human history thus becomes a series of revolutions: the Neolithic revolution, the Industrial revolution, the Information revolution, etc. [emphases added].

SOURCE: Graeber, David (2004) Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology. Chicago, IL: Prickly Paradigm Press, pp. 43-44.

I should like to suggest that the above extract is usefully put into conversation with the following extract from an important work by the Tiqqun collective which mounts a devastating case against the totalizing systemic logic of cybernetics, regardless of whether the latter manifests socially, politically and economically as late neoliberal capitalism or any of the allegedly ‘resistant’ forms of ‘Leftist’ political-economic formation, viz.

What the socialists all have in common, and have for two centuries,
which they share with those among them who have declared themselves to
be communists, is that they fight against only one of the effects of
capitalism alone: in all its forms, socialism fights against separation, by
recreating the social bonds between subjects, between subjects and objects,
without fighting against the totalization that makes it possible for the social
to be assimilated into a body, and the individual into a closed totality, a
subject-body. But there is also another common terrain, a mystical one, on
the basis of which the transfer of the categories of thought within socialism
and cybernetics have been able to form an alliance: that of a shameful
humanism, an uncontrolled faith in the genius of humanity. Just as it is
ridiculous to see a “collective soul” in the construction of a beehive by the
erratic behavior of bees, as the writer Maeterlinck did at the beginning of
the century from a Catholic perspective, in the same way the maintenance
of capitalism is in no way dependent upon the existence of a collective
consciousness in the “masses” lodged within the heart of production. Under
cover of the axiom of class struggle, the historical socialist utopia, the
utopia of the community, was definitively a utopia of One promulgated by
the Head on a body that couldn’t be one. All socialism today – whether it
more or less explicitly categorizes itself as democracy-, production-, or social
contract-focused – takes sides with cybernetics. Non-citizen politics must
come to terms with itself as anti-social as much as anti-state; it must refuse
to contribute to the resolution of the “social question,” refuse the
formatting of the world as a series of problems, and reject the democratic
perspective structured by the acceptance of all of society‘s requests. As for
cybernetics, it is today no more than the last possible socialism [emphases added].

SOURCE: Tiqqun. The Cybernetic Hypothesis.

Islam is neither totalizing system nor humanism.

Islam is the existential power-transaction between the human and God/Allah.



Islamic Counter-Racist Thought Food #61

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Consider this:

The poetic is not the p(r)o(ph)etic.

There is a ‘world’ between decolonial poetics and decolonial prophetics.


Islamic Counter-Racist Thought Food #60

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Consider the following profound meditation on ‘the maxim of unicity’ (kalimat-tawheed):


Extract taken from William C. Chittick’s The Self-Disclosure or God: Principles of ibn al-‘Arabi’s Cosmology (Albany: SUNY Press, 1998, pp.9-10).


BOOK: Sultan vs Dracula

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance

The following work by non-white (attempted) Muslim writer, artists and poet Razwan Ul-Haq arrived in the post this morning:

Sultan vs Dracula

The book, which is 400+ pages long, can be purchased direct from the author for £7.99 (+ postage and packing) from here. The author also has a blog on Islamic sci-fi.

Here’s an advert for this interesting Islamic Counter-Racist, decolonial and ‘post-Orientalist’ re-imagining of the Dracula story as appears on youTube:

Interested readers are invited to check out the following earlier blog post in connection with the above book:

The Vampire Culture of The Psychopathic Racial Personality


Islamic Counter-Racist Thought Food #55

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Consider this:

The ‘algorithmic turn’ is a historical phase (‘iteration’) within an arguably algorithmic project – White Supremacy (Racism) under colonial modernity – and we need to understand the history of the present, the ‘now’ (Latin modus as in ‘modernity’) in order to be able to chart / forge Islamic future(s).


REFLECTION: The Myth of A Short History of Myth

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

I have just finished reading the following work:


Although short (a mere 155 pages), it made for lucid and compelling reading, and is useful as a broad overview and summary, albeit somewhat selective of the history of world myths.* Continue reading

LINKS: Black Muslims Reflect on The Qur’an

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.


Interested readers are invited to check out the following series of brief commentaries by non-white / black (attempted) Muslim male, Professor Rudolph B. Ware, written during Ramadhan 2016:

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