Islamic Counter-Racist Thought Food #62

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

Consider this:

The habit of thought which defines the world, or society, as a totalizing system … tends to lead almost inevitably to a view of revolutions as cataclysmic ruptures. Since, after all, how else could one totalizing system be replaced by a completely different one than by a cataclysmic rupture? Human history thus becomes a series of revolutions: the Neolithic revolution, the Industrial revolution, the Information revolution, etc. [emphases added].

SOURCE: Graeber, David (2004) Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology. Chicago, IL: Prickly Paradigm Press, pp. 43-44.

I should like to suggest that the above extract is usefully put into conversation with the following extract from an important work by the Tiqqun collective which mounts a devastating case against the totalizing systemic logic of cybernetics, regardless of whether the latter manifests socially, politically and economically as late neoliberal capitalism or any of the allegedly ‘resistant’ forms of ‘Leftist’ political-economic formation, viz.

What the socialists all have in common, and have for two centuries,
which they share with those among them who have declared themselves to
be communists, is that they fight against only one of the effects of
capitalism alone: in all its forms, socialism fights against separation, by
recreating the social bonds between subjects, between subjects and objects,
without fighting against the totalization that makes it possible for the social
to be assimilated into a body, and the individual into a closed totality, a
subject-body. But there is also another common terrain, a mystical one, on
the basis of which the transfer of the categories of thought within socialism
and cybernetics have been able to form an alliance: that of a shameful
humanism, an uncontrolled faith in the genius of humanity. Just as it is
ridiculous to see a “collective soul” in the construction of a beehive by the
erratic behavior of bees, as the writer Maeterlinck did at the beginning of
the century from a Catholic perspective, in the same way the maintenance
of capitalism is in no way dependent upon the existence of a collective
consciousness in the “masses” lodged within the heart of production. Under
cover of the axiom of class struggle, the historical socialist utopia, the
utopia of the community, was definitively a utopia of One promulgated by
the Head on a body that couldn’t be one. All socialism today – whether it
more or less explicitly categorizes itself as democracy-, production-, or social
contract-focused – takes sides with cybernetics. Non-citizen politics must
come to terms with itself as anti-social as much as anti-state; it must refuse
to contribute to the resolution of the “social question,” refuse the
formatting of the world as a series of problems, and reject the democratic
perspective structured by the acceptance of all of society‘s requests. As for
cybernetics, it is today no more than the last possible socialism [emphases added].

SOURCE: Tiqqun. The Cybernetic Hypothesis.

Islam is neither totalizing system nor humanism.

Islam is the existential power-transaction between the human and God/Allah.


BOOK: (White) Imaginary Futures

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.


I have almost finished reading the outstanding work Imaginary Futures: From Thinking Machines to The Global Village (London: Pluto Press, 2007) by white Marxist male, Richard Barbrook. IMHO, the work makes for a veritable tour de force and is essential reading for those interested in decolonizing computing vis-a-vis understanding how (white) visions of the future repeatedly – or rather ‘algorithmically‘ – inform and inflect the present, not to mention for Barbrook’s useful, yet highly Eurocentric, account of the Cold War origins of computers, ICTs (information and communication technologies) and the Net. (For a brief discussion of the ‘algorithmic’ nature of White Supremacy / Racism, interested readers are invited to check out the following extended abstract by Dr Syed Mustafa Ali, Lecturer in the School of Computing and Communications at The Open University: “Transhumanism and/as Whiteness“.)

Interested readers can download a copy (PDF format) of the book here.

A highly useful overview of the book was presented by Barbrook at Warwick University in 2011 and is available for viewing on YouTube:

One of the most interesting sequences of slides appearing towards the end of the presentation is the following:The Futures.JPG

From a Counter-Racist / decolonial perspective, I am immediately led to ask who is this we that Barbrook is inviting to invent new futures? I should also like to suggest that for non-white VoRs (Victims of Racism / White Supremacy), the wording of the first slide (on the left) should be replaced with the following:

Those who do not remember the [White Supremacist / Racist] future [that shapes the White Supremacist / Racist present] are condemned to [have the White Supremacist / Racist future] repeated [on them]


Transhumanism as Refinement of White Supremacy (Racism)

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.


Interested readers are invited to check out the following article by non-white / black (attempted) Muslim conspiracy theorist / occult historian, David Livingstone:

Global Mind: Transhumanism, Freemasonry and the Internet as God

In this connection, readers are also invited to check out the following blog post which contains links to earlier articles by Livingstone on the same topic:

LINKS: Cybernetic Racism (White Supremacy)

Finally, here is a link to Livingstone’s book Transhumanism: The History of a Dangerous Idea (2015) and a YouTube video exploring its central thesis:


Limitless, Transcendence and LUCY

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.


A few evenings back, I watched LUCY, the latest cinematic offering from white male French director Luc Besson starring white female [=Racial Suspect] and Ashkenazi ‘liberal’ pro-Zionist, Scarlett Johansson.

Initially, I had decided against writing a blog post about this movie on account of its ridiculous plot, dire acting and rather obvious / overt engagement of White Supremacist (Racist), feminist and post-/trans-humanist themes. My original intention was simply to point interested readers to online critiques of the film such as the following:

(1) Lucy: Why I’m Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen

(2) ‘Lucy’ and the Absence of the Black Race in Origin of Humanity Theories

(3) Fuck this movie: “Lucy” (2014)

(4) The Problem With “Lucy” And White Feminism

However, having discussed this film with another non-white person [=VoR / Victim of Racism / White Supremacy] who also watched it, and having thought about the relation of this film to a couple of others – specifically, Limitless (2011) andTranscendence (2014) – I have reconsidered my initial dismissive stance and decided to share a few reflections on this and related movies from a Counter-Racist / critical race theoretical / decolonial perspective.

Firstly, I should like to draw attention to the tag lines in the posters / advertising for the above three films, each of which centers on a white person as protagonist (nothing new there):

Limitless (2011) – “What if a pill could make you rich and powerful?”

Transcendence (2014) – “Yesterday Dr Will Caster was Only Human”

Lucy (2014) – “The Average Person Uses 10% of Their Brain Capacity. Imagine What She Could Do with 100%.”

Regarding Limitless (2011):

‘You’ (white people) are, as a collective / nation / group / family, already “rich and powerful”. However, in a “post-racial” (sic) world in which it is now possible for somenon-white people to become “rich and powerful”, i.e. to “catch up” somewhat (a phenomenon which results in what seminal Counter-Racist thinker Neely Fuller, Jr. refers to as “Racial Showcasing Confusion“), there is a need to consider how to re-establish one’s position as The Race in “the race”, i.e. to ensure that one “stays ahead”. One way to “stay ahead” is through “pill-popping”, i.e. technological-means – in short, the achievement of BLTC (Better Living Through Chemistry).

Regarding Transcendence (2014):

In this same “post-racial” world in which non-white people appear to have becomehuman, the future (of white people as dominant) lies in transcending or “going beyond” humanity, i.e. in becoming trans- / post-human. In order to MAINTAIN the globally operating system of White Supremacy (Racism), it appears to have now become necessary, at least according to the views of some white people, to REFINE ‘whiteness’ / what it means to be white along technological / cybernetic / informational lines. Whereas the issue was once one of differentiating (white) humans from (non-white) non- / sub-humans, in this “(neo-)liberal” and “post-racial” era the issue now concerns differentiating (non-white) humans from (white) trans- / post-humans. I refer to this phenomenon as ‘iterative’ or ‘algorithmic’ racism and hope to write about it in more detail in the near future, insha’Allah / God-Willing. (In this connection, I should like to point interested readers to the following blog post: VIDEO: The Cybernetic Refinement of White Supremacy (Racism).)

Regarding LUCY (2014):

Lucy isn’t merely a white female = Racial Suspect under contemporary conditions of global White Supremacy (Racism); rather, as she undergoes her (white female) transformation in this White Supremacist (Racist) post-/trans-humanist fantasy, she becomes the very embodiment of at least one strand within white feminist discourse, viz. the white female as goddess. As proof of this, consider her response to a question asked of her at the end of her trans- / post-human re-con-figuration, viz. “Where are you?”

“I am everywhere”

In short, like Dr Will Caster, the white male protagonist of Transcendence (2014), Lucy has become omnipresent (and also implicitly omniscient and omnipotent since it’s a “package deal” after all).

What interests me here is re-capitulation in the contemporary “post-racial” era of an idea associated with a key (European) Enlightenment philosopher, viz. René Descartes, viz. the transcendent “God’s Eye view”.

According to Latin American decolonial thinker Santiago Castro-Gomez, Descartes’ philosophy should be understood as based on adoption of a “zero point” position, i.e. a “view from nowhere” in the sense of a perspective (epistemology, way of knowing) that is not tied to a particular body situated at a particular place. This “zero point philosophy” has no body-politics (e.g. ‘race’ or gender) or geo-politics (i.e. location in the “world system”); rather, it is ego-centrically grounded in a way that is abstract, timeless and universal (thereby erasing / masking ego-political concerns informed by body-political and geo-political considerations). This ego is, in fact, a theo (god) since it transcends space (and time) and matter.

All of this leads me to think that it might be worthwhile considering technological shifts occurring in this contemporary “post-racial” era from a Counter-Racist / critical race theoretical / decolonial perspective that simultaneously thinks through the implications of another possible shift that might be taking place, viz. to the “post-secular”.

On this basis, I should like to ask the following:

Are films such as Limitless, Transcendence and LUCY, which are made against the backdrop of an ostensible Trans- / Post-Human “technological shift” [=REFINEMENT] taking place within the globally operating system of Racism (White Supremacy), informing us / them that a “post-secular” theological shift is also taking place; that white Catholic male Pierre Teilhard de Chardin‘s ‘Noosphere‘ is being realised as a “global brain“; that the ‘Alpha’ (beginning) and ‘Omega’ (end) of ‘race’ = Racism (White Supremacy) are converging insofar as this ‘project’ is considered in terms of its theological roots and branches; that the (colonial) ‘matrix’ (of power) is ‘re-booting’ so as to MAINTAIN itself.


Race: The Difference That Makes a Difference

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.


Dr Syed Mustafa Ali, a lecturer in the Computing Department of The Open University (UK), recently presented a talk entitled “Race: The Difference That Makes a Difference” at The Difference that Makes a Difference: an interdisciplinary workshop on information and technology which was held at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK from 7-9 September 2011.

Ali’s presentation makes substantial reference to the work of Charles W. Mills, author of The Racial Contract (1997), in an attempt to apply the latter’s “critical race theoretical” understanding of the globally operating system of White Supremacy (Racism) to information theory (and, more broadly, systems theory and cybernetics).

Interested parties can download the Abstract (PDF format), Presentation (PDF format) and Podcast (MP3 format) from the Programme and Proceedings page. The Panel Discussion (MP3 format) in the Panel Session 4 podcasts section is also worth checking out.


COMMENT: Machines Without Loving Grace or White Supremacists (Racists)

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.


I have just finished watching the third and final part of Adam Curtis‘ recent BBC documentary series, All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace (AWOBMOLG). Like Curtis’ previous offerings, which include The Century of The Self, The Power of Nightmares and The Trap, AWOBMOLG made for fascinating viewing. Continue reading

COMMENT: The Subtlety of Cybernetic Racism

Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

The following text appears as an ‘annotation’ with the title “Cybernetics abhors prejudice and racism” on the website of the Principia Cybernetica Project (PCP). According to information on the website homepage, the Project aims to develop a complete philosophy or “world-view”, based on the principles of evolutionary cybernetics, and supported by collaborative computer technologies. (Cybernetics is the interdisciplinary study of the structure of regulatory systems. According to its originator, white Jewish male Norbert Wiener, cybernetics is the study of control and communication in the animal and the machine with reference to the notion of feedback.) Continue reading